Web Apps

Custom development
  • Icône Cloud
    Cerebellis offers the development of custom web applications.
    These applications have several advantages:
    • the application is accessible from anywhere, with a simple web browser
    • no specific software installation is required on user workstations
    • the administration is centralized: updates, user accounts, settings, etc.
    Web applications built by Cerebellis are:
    • rich internet applications: the responsiveness of the interface is identical to an installed software
    • single-page applications: the interface doesn’t require any page reload for every requested action, the user experience is fluid
  • Icône Fonctionnalités


    Many features can be implemented, here are some examples:
    • Content management: text, images, documents, etc.,
    • Data Tables: browse the database, filter, search, edit data,
    • Workflow Management: automate, manage and control the steps of a process,
    • Forms for business content: clients, samples, stocks, etc.,
    • Exports for contents, data forms and research results,
    • Administration of users and access rights,
    • Configurable modules and features,
    • Maps and geolocation, QR codes, calendars, image galleries,
    • ...
    Any specific functionality can be developed to fit your needs.
    Special attention is paid to the ergonomics of your application so that the use is effective and pleasant.
  • Icônes applications

    Application examples

    • Enterprise software (ERP-like): this type of software allows the management of data related to your business. The production processes can be integrated into the application in all their dimensions: production steps, production sites, monitoring progress.
    • Electronic Content Management software (ECM): data, PDF documents, multimedia files, videos, etc. This type of software allows the creation, storage, indexing, and the publication of content.
    • Intranets and Extranets: corporate blogs, shared professional tools, shared calendars, etc. All information of your organization is shared everywhere and for all your employees and / or partners.
    • Specific business applications of any sizes: dashboards, decision support tools, calculators, etc.
  • Logo Onemo Framework

    A dedicated Framework

    Cerebellis create web applications with Onemo®.
    Onemo is a development framework created by Cerebellis to meet your business needs. These are the foundations for the design of your software solution.
    Learn more ...
    Onemo is a web development framework. It runs on a server, manages the data and produces the user interfaces.
    This development framework is based on the following technologies:
    • server layer: Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL
    • client layer: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax
    It is built on the architecture Model-View-Controller for its server and client layers. This is a guarantee of quality and maintainability of the development.
    Coming from a strong experience in web app development, Cerebellis created this framework in order to develop your custom web applications.