Examples of projects

  • Clinical Research

    Development of electronic CRF (Electronic Data Capture).
    • Application of CDISC standards
    • Custom features
    Discover our EDC solution : Digitalis
  • IT Services

    Project management for the development of web applications (ERP and CRM).
    • Defining the functional scope, planning
    • Project coordination, monitoring and reporting
  • Conservation of cinema heritage

    Development of tools to manage audiovisual archives
    • Web application for digital asset management (ECM)
    • Web site for publication, search and viewing of films
  • Chemistry

    iPhone application dedicated to the identification of molecules names.
    • Operates on an online database
    • Contains in-app purchases and provides usage statistics
  • Events

    Website for the broadcast of events and tango news in « Centre France ».
    • Available on PC and smartphones
    • Newsletters management system